How to prevent cold weather damage to roads and pathways

Freezing weather cycles during winter can damage roads, paths and other surfaces and lead to cracks and potholes forming. Roads are made with asphalt which is used to allow flexibility for the road during warm weather conditions. This material however, is not suited for winter weather conditions as it becomes more brittle in freezing temperatures. The most damage usually occurs from cracks that can form naturally but get affected when rain or snow enters them and freezes; leading to the water content expanding as it turns to ice which creates larger cavities and eventually potholes.

pothole image
Reactive Gritting Winter Maintenance Car Park

Damage to roads and pavements creates a huge risk to vehicles and pedestrians alike. Loose parts of asphalt can not only cause damage to cars but also those nearby who might be in proximity could be hit with any debris. The movement of stone slabs or cracks in pavements can also be a trip and fall hazard.

Health and Safety regulations mean that it is upto site managers to assess the risks associated with slips and trips and take preventative action. You can read more about this in our previous blog post.

There are simple methods of minimising surface damage by putting preventative measures in place. The most popular solution is to set the asphalt at an angle so that rainwater and melting snow can run off to the sides of the road and into the gutters. We understand that this solution cannot be used by all businesses, therefore, we at Ice Watch would recommend the most effective solution for preventing cold weather damage to surfaces is taking steps to regularly maintain the road and pavements throughout the year. This could be through sealing cracks, repairing pot holes as they occur and using gritting or snow removal services throughout winter to reduce the damage created by the freezing rain or snow.

As part of idverde UK we offer a range of repair and maintenance services, including the repair of potholes. Contact us to get a free quote on the services you require. Our specialist colleagues will assist you with identifying the repairs required and provide you with a quote in time to repair your site before winter. Contact idverde’s helpdesk.