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The safety of staff and visitors is paramount for any business or organisation but heavy snow or ice can make car parks and footpaths around your site a potential slipping hazard. We understand the implications and impact that snow can bring and whatever the size of your business or organisation we are able to provide high quality winter maintenance services to ensure your site is safe. Ice Watch receives postcode specific weather forecast information for your site and employs an in-house meteorologist to monitor changing conditions using our bespoke live weather radar system.

Ice Watch - snow clearance
Ice Watch Tractor clearing snow

Mechanical and manual snow clearing

Ice Watch provides an effective snow clearing service to ensure a clear and safe path for pedestrians and motorists alike. By closely monitoring forecasts from Meteo Group, we can identify areas where snow is most likely. This helps avoid unnecessary callouts whilst still ensuring that those sites at risk are protected from the very worst of the winter elements.

Snow can be unpredictable, so if clearing is required, we will carry this out following your instructions. We operate an out of hours helpline enabling you to contact us 24/7, so when you need us, we are at the end of the phone.

Managing your winter risk strategy

With many years experience in winter maintenance, our experienced colleagues are experts in providing the services you need to keep your business, roads and pathways safe. We clear small areas and footpaths manually and we clear larger areas and car parks mechanically. Rest assured that we have everything in place when snow is forecast, so we are ready to act if snow clearance is required. Let us manage your winter risk strategy to give you peace of mind and leave you free to do what you need to do.

Benefits of Ice Watch's Snow Clearing Service:

  • Providing both mechanical and manual snow clearing
  • Service is provided based on in house weather forecasting
  • 24/7 Hotline
  • Managing your winter risk strategy

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