Pothole Repair

Ice Watch is one of the UK’s leading providers of winter services, including pothole filling and repairs, reducing the impact of the cold weather on your roads. Our experienced team is able to repair any damaged asphalt and ensure safety is maintained on your sites.

Unfortunately, the repeating freezing weather cycles during winter can damage roads and create cracks and potholes. Roads are made with asphalt, which is used to allow flexibility for the road during warm weather conditions. This material, however, is not suited for winter weather conditions as it becomes more brittle in freezing temperatures. Most damage usually occurs from cracks that can form naturally but get affected when rain or snow enters them and freezes, leading to the water expanding as it turns to ice, creating larger cavities and eventually potholes. Read more about reducing potholes and the damage they cause in our latest blog here.

You can contact the idverde Helpdesk Services for your pothole repairs here.

pothole image

Benefits of Ice Watch's Pothole Repair Service:

  • Fast and reliable service
  • Ensure safety year round
  • Reduces claims on your sites
  • Removes hazards and dangerous surfaces