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About Ice Watch

Ice Watch are a leading provider of winter maintenance services across the UK. We provide gritting services, snow clearance services and 24/7 forecasting with real time reporting to make sure your businesses are kept safe and functioning correctly no matter what the weather. Ice Watch have many years’ experience in the industry and are a fully accredited gritting and snow clearance provider. We have developed a unique approach that has proven to be effective, efficient and highly responsive. We are one of the only winter maintenance providers who have our own in house Meteorologist to analyse forecasts and ensure we stay one step ahead of the weather. Our approach means our customers can be confident about the conditions their premises will be in whatever the winter weather throws at them.

Ice Watch motorway gritting
Ice Watch snow removal car park

Our nationwide operations cover a diverse range of clients, we are experienced in meeting complex requirements including security, access and timings. Our Quality Management System has been developed and implemented to ensure we meet and exceed the requirements of the Winter Maintenance Code of Good Practice. The British weather is notoriously changeable and risks from ice and snow are best assessed by localised short range weather forecasting. It is difficult for businesses and organisations to monitor the weather in depth to action gritting within timescales required to manage the risk.

With our gritting service it means that you do not have to monitor weather forecasts 24/7. Ice Watch receive postcode specific weather forecast information for your site and employ an in-house meteorologist to monitor changing conditions using our bespoke live weather radar system. No labour costs for out of hours gritting and snow clearance. There will be no equipment or salt to buy and store and no training costs – so you save time and money.

Ice Watch sustainability

A sustainable solution

At Ice Watch, we recognise the importance of the environment and the role our organisation plays in helping to protect the environment for future generations. Ice Watch are very environmentally conscious and this is taken into account when planning every part of our operation. Although we are a nationwide gritting company, we ensure our travelling miles are kept to a minimum by siting all our operators and equipment less than 10 miles from the sites they look after.