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Air Masses: The Origins and Characteristics of Large Bodies of Air

Volumes of air, called Air Masses, influence the UK’s weather. They are categorised by the location that they originated. Read more

What is Air Pressure?

Air pressure is a force that is exerted on the Earth’s surface by the atmosphere.

How Benjamim Franklin, Golf and Coldplay link to British Summer Time

Clocks ‘spring forward’ at 1am on the last Sunday in March and ‘fall back’ at 2am on the last Sunday in October. This year, clocks will go back on Sunday 29th October and we will then revert to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) for the winter months.

Top tips for staying safe in winter

Now it’s officially Autumn with Winter around the corner, we thought we’d share our tips for staying safe when Winter arrives.

UK Storm Names

At the start of September, the 2023-24 storm names were announced by The Met Office (UK National Weather Service), Met Éireann (The Irish National Meteorological Service) and The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (MNMI) (Dutch National Weather Service).

Meteorological Seasons vs Astronomical Seasons

The Ice Watch winter maintenance season runs between 1 October to 31 April, when winter road hazards are more likely. In the UK all four seasons winter, spring, summer, and autumn, are marked by two dates depending on the Astronomical or Meteorological calendar.

Ice Watch
Benefits of a good winter service provider

Winter maintenance services are crucial for keeping the UK moving throughout winter. Gritting and snow clearing services allow customers to keep their business’ running smoothly and their sites safe during icy conditions.

Thermometer on snow shows low temperatures - zero. Low temperatures in degrees Celsius and fahrenheit. Cold winter weather - zero celsius thirty two farenheit.
Top 5 benefits of Ice Watch’s in-house meteorologists

The Meteorologists at Ice Watch are a great asset to the team. Having them onboard means we can analyse weather forecasts a lot more meticulously, inputting vital experience into the decision-making, similarly to how expert weather providers use forecaster intervention.

Ice Watch Regulations Duty Of Care
Ice Watch investigates Duty of Care Regulations

At Ice Watch we have a great understanding of the risks your business might face during the winter season, a lot of which are covered in various regulations and the duty of care. Many companies during winter face the same issue of keeping up with the safety of their site and maintaining a hazard-free experience for their visitors or customers.

Leisure Sector Winter Maintenance Services
Ice Watch is preparing for winter 2021

With the winter season quickly approaching, the teams at Ice Watch have been working hard to prepare for what the colder weather will bring us this year.

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