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Thermometer on snow shows low temperatures - zero. Low temperatures in degrees Celsius and fahrenheit. Cold winter weather - zero celsius thirty two farenheit.
Top 5 benefits of Ice Watch’s in-house meteorologists

The Meteorologists at Ice Watch are a great asset to the team. Having them onboard means we can analyse weather forecasts a lot more meticulously, inputting vital experience into the decision-making, similarly to how expert weather providers use forecaster intervention.

Ice Watch Regulations Duty Of Care
Ice Watch investigates Duty of Care Regulations

At Ice Watch we have a great understanding of the risks your business might face during the winter season, a lot of which are covered in various regulations and the duty of care. Many companies during winter face the same issue of keeping up with the safety of their site and maintaining a hazard-free experience for their visitors or customers.

Ice Watch
Benefits of a good winter service provider

Winter maintenance services are crucial for keeping the UK moving throughout winter. Gritting and snow clearing services allow customers to keep their business’ running smoothly and their sites safe during icy conditions.

Leisure Sector Winter Maintenance Services
Ice Watch is preparing for winter 2021

With the winter season quickly approaching, the teams at Ice Watch have been working hard to prepare for what the colder weather will bring us this year.

road in the ice in winter
How to prevent cold weather damage to roads and pathways

Freezing weather cycles during winter can damage roads, paths and other surfaces and lead to cracks and potholes forming. Roads are made with asphalt which is used to allow flexibility for the road during warm weather conditions.

Ice Watch reveals main risks to businesses in winter

At Ice Watch we understand the risks you as a business might be facing when it comes to winter weather in the UK. All businesses face the problem of keeping their site maintained during winter and ensuring health and safety regulations are adhered to.

Ice Watch’s Winter Gritting Myths

At Ice Watch we work closely with our customers to help provide hazard-free sites. Using our gritting service, you can avoid risks during winter and provide a safe experience for visitors and motorists.

Ice Watch predicts low temperatures and freezing conditions this winter

One of the UK’s leading winter maintenance companies, Ice Watch has taken delivery of more than 3,000 tonnes of salt in preparation for the upcoming season, which it predicts will be the company’s busiest season yet.

Ice Watch get ready for Winter 2020

Ice Watch is the only winter maintenance company in the UK who have a full-time in house meteorologist on the team. By analysing data from weather forecasting partner MeteoGroup, who also supply forecasts to the BBC and hundreds of government agencies worldwide, we are able to provide accurate forecasts and make sure we can provide the highest quality service to our clients.

Survey reveals Ice Watch customers are happy with its service

A recent survey shows an impressive 99% of Ice Watch’s customers are happy with the service they have received and would recommend it to other organisations.

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