16 May 2024

Climate vs Weather

Weather and climate both relate to atmospheric conditions, and each describe different timescales. The daily conditions that we experience are weather. Weather changes over time and the pattern that we expect these changes to follow, over an average of years, forms the climate for a particular area. Climates experienced across the globe are divided into zones based on the Köppen Climate Classification. Zones are categorised by temperature, precipitation, and latitudes.

Climate vs Weather table

Our daily outdoor activities and interactions are immediately affected by weather. Short and long-range forecasts communicate weather conditions to the public, with information on temperature, wind, humidity, pressure, and precipitation.

During the winter season the weather influences the daily operational decisions that we make at Ice Watch. Weather data and forecasts allow us to assess and mitigate the risk of adverse weather on pedestrian and vehicle traffic at the sites we service across the nation. We provide preventative services through gritting and responsive services to snow events by snow clearing. Climate also influences winter maintenance planning, by understanding the typical conditions expected in the UK, we can understand the type and demand of services needed.

Both weather and climate are crucial elements in developing effective winter maintenance services that ensure the safety and functionality of businesses and properties. Contact Ice Watch today by completing our online form.


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