Meet our Meteorologists

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Our 24/7 forecasting is provided by our in-house expert Meteorologists, using location-specific data gathered from one of the UK’s leading meteorological service providers, Meteo Group.

Having in-house Meteorologists at Ice Watch is great because it means we can analyse forecasts a lot more meticulously, inputting our experience and intellect into the decision-making process which is similar to how expert weather providers use forecaster intervention when producing their own forecasts. It is also useful to have extra knowledge when forecasting snow fall and predicting icy conditions and meaning Ice Watch are always fully prepared for upcoming bad weather.

Meet Timo Strom

Timo has worked at Ice Watch since 2015 and has spent several winter’s forecasting weather and analysing the data for the team. Timo came to Ice Watch straight from the University of East Anglia where he completed a degree in Meteorology and Oceanography.

Timo’s main role within the business is running the daily operational processes. This involves making decisions on the weather forecasts we get from MeteoGroup, making sure operators have confirmed their jobs for that evening and monitoring any cancellations from our customers. Then the following morning, he will go through reports from the previous night and report any issues to the operational teams.

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Meet Laurelle Campbell

Laurelle became a member of the Ice Watch team in September 2021. She is a graduate Meteorologist with a wealth of operational experience, having previously worked for an international tech company. Laurelle has also worked in multimedia, producing digital content to raise public awareness and provide information on a range of topics.

Since joining Ice Watch, Laurelle supports with the daily weather decisions that help Ice Watch to provide gritting services across the UK. She also works with suppliers to ensure that our teams have enough salt in stock to complete their scheduled gritting jobs. Laurelle loves making the daily weather decisions and believes it is essential to have an in-house meteorologist team in order to provide a high quality, accurate and efficient winter maintenance service.

“We use our expertise to judge the conditions, increasing accuracy by factoring in the environment and atmospheric activity and applying it to the hazard triggers that we have in place."

Q&A with our meteorologists