Ice Watch reveals main risks to businesses in winter

At Ice Watch we understand the risks you as a business might be facing when it comes to winter weather in the UK. All businesses face the problem of keeping their site maintained during winter and ensuring health and safety regulations are adhered to.

Did you know that as a business owner, it is your duty of care to keep your premises clear of snow and ice? You are liable for any personal injuries that occur on site due to slips, trips and falls that take place on your premises as a result of snow and ice.

We have identified the most common risks to you as a business and analysed the solutions:

1. Risk: Slips and Falls

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 build on the requirements of the 1974 Act and impose duties on employers to assess the risks associated with slips and trips and take preventative action.

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 Regulation 12 requires employers to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable, that floor surfaces, shall be kept free from obstructions and from any article or substance which may cause a person to slip, trip or fall.

Solution: As the owner of the premises, it is your duty of care to maintain a safe and secure site for both members of the public and staff. To reduce the risks of slips and falls, we recommend a proactive winter services package that’s aligned with your site requirements. We offer gritting and on site salt bins to our clients, reducing the time it takes to ensure your site is safe for visitors.

2. Risk: Interruption of Trade

Solution: Our fast and reliable service will make sure your business is not interrupted by the winter weather. Our qualified colleagues will assist you with snow clearing, gritting and weather reporting to inform you when you might require our service. Our 24/7 hotline will take your enquiry at any time of the day and deploy the closest Ice Watch colleagues to maintain your premises.

3. Risk: Unexpected weather changes

Solution: The best way to be prepared for weather changes is to follow weather reports. At Ice Watch, our in-house meteorologist creates weather reports for all of our clients to warn them of any potential disruptions, allowing you to get your site prepared. We also provide our customers with late cancellation times; in case they do not require our services due to the weather not affecting their business.

4. Risk: Property Damage

Solution: As part of the idverde UK, we offer bespoke maintenance services including arboriculture services. Falling or dangerous trees may cause damage to your premises and interrupt trading during windy and cold weather. Our Ice Watch colleagues will carry out a full risk assessment of your site and suggest areas of improvement for its safety.


At Ice Watch we offer a full range of services to help you provide a safe experience for your colleagues, customers and members of the public and make sure that your site adheres to all the correct health and safety regulations.


To find out more about our services or to book your free, no-obligation site risk assessment, contact our team here.