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Ice Watch grits Britain’s hospital and ambulance sites during coronavirus outbreak

Ice Watch is busy gritting hospital and ambulance sites across England and Wales – a task even more important than usual as pressure on medical sites grows amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

With temperatures dropping overnight despite the sunny days and a cold weekend with possibly wintry showers forecast, especially on the Eastern side of Great Britain, the gritting teams are expecting to be busy.

Midweek saw more than 250 sites triggered for gritting, many of them at ‘blue light’ premises across the country.

Ice Watch services numerous NHS Trust and police force sites whose pavements, car parks and roads must remain slip free at all times – and with heavier than usual activity never has there been a more important time to make the areas safe for the public and busy staff.

Much of the gritting work is carried out by a single person from a vehicle, thus ensuring compliance with social distancing rules is straightforward. Pedestrian operators are also strictly adhering to the two-metre rule and complying with hygiene regulations.

Its fleet of new gritting equipment and an enhanced salt sourcing arrangement means it is even more efficient – with more time freed up to devote to customer service.

Its in-house team and 115 operators who cover more than 1,200 sites across mainland Britain are all connected to an app which ensures salt is administered to the right sites at the right time.

And its partnership with the BBC’s global weather forecaster, Meteo Group, also involves high level tech. Its phalanx of state-of-the-art computers provides a live weather radar feed which helps Ice Watch’s in-house meteorologist Timo Strom calculate exactly where snow and ice are likely to land.

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