30 November 2022

Benefits of a good winter service provider

Winter maintenance services are crucial for keeping the UK moving throughout winter. Gritting and snow clearing services allow customers to keep their business’ running smoothly and their sites safe during icy conditions.

A well-established winter maintenance service provider is a specialist that understands the health and safety issues that could arise during cold weather. Risks and accidents can occur when a site is not looked after correctly and ice forms on roads and pathways. A quality winter service provider will support you with the duty of care requirements your site must follow to prevent any accidents from occurring.


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1. Provide duty of care support

A good winter maintenance service provider is a specialist in understanding the health and safety issues that arise in cold weather when a site is icy, and accidents may happen. They can help support you with the duty of care required by your site and prevent any accidents from occurring, which can be troublesome to businesses that are liable for injuries and incidents on site.

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2. Use bespoke services

Providing a bespoke service for each location can be a beneficial aspect of a winter maintenance provider. With each site having unique requirements, an established winter service provider should be able to adjust its’ services to meet an individual sites needs. Altering the required gritting levels, salt usage or the hours the site is accessible means your business can run with no interruptions.

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3. Follow location accurate weather forecasting

Having a specialist provider who can tailor their services in line with weather forecasting can provide you with the best coverage for winter maintenance all through the winter season. A winter maintenance provider that is able to supply you with the right services and prepare your site based on location accurate weather reports means that you and your business will not be affected by the colder weather.

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4. Prevent damages to your site

Cold weather and freezing conditions can create damage to sites, buildings and surfaces. A good specialist winter maintenance service provider will have a great understanding of how ice that could be forming in road or pathway can damage surfaces and lead to potholes. These can then create hazards for pedestrians and cars driving on the road. A pothole repair service provided by a winter maintenance team can prevent these damages before they cause significant damage.

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