17 January 2022

Top 5 benefits of Ice Watch’s in-house meteorologists

The Meteorologists at Ice Watch are a great asset to the team. Having them onboard means we can analyse weather forecasts a lot more meticulously, inputting vital experience into the decision-making, similarly to how expert weather providers use forecaster intervention.

Here are the top five benefits of having in-house Meteorologists.



Ice Watch’s weather reports are provided by Meteo Group and contain the weather conditions for the whole of the UK. These need to be analysed further to provide accurate results to the various locations of our customers so we can tailor our gritting services. Our Meteorologists are able to read the reports to provide this information accurately.


Unpredicted weather conditions

Not all weather conditions can be predicted ahead of time (one of the perks of living in the UK!). This is why our Meteorologists track the hourly weather reports to analyse if any weather conditions that can affect our customers might arise. This increases our ability to provide fast response services.


Hourly updates

Meteo Group provides our team with hourly updates to the weather reports. Our Meteorologists are able to analyse the data and provide our customers and the response teams with the most up to date and accurate weather conditions, meaning businesses face minimum impact from icy conditions.


Reliable data

Ice Watch’s Meteorologists have degree qualifications in Meteorology, meaning that they are specialists in their field, experienced in analysing weather reports and understanding weather conditions. This combined with the extensive reports provided by Meteo Group, means that Ice Watch is always able to provide accurate and reliable data.


Fast Response

With weather reports coming in regularly, our meteorologists are able to analyse the data swiftly and report back to the rest of the team at Ice Watch. This gives our operations team enough time to plan and provide the gritting and snow clearance services before the bad weather conditions arrive.

Find out more about our experienced meteorology team here.

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