Ice Watch get ready for Winter 2020

Ice Watch is the only winter maintenance company in the UK who have a full-time in house meteorologist on the team. By analysing data from weather forecasting partner MeteoGroup, who also supply forecasts to the BBC and hundreds of government agencies worldwide, we are able to provide accurate forecasts and make sure we can provide the highest quality service to our clients.

The state-of-the-art systems used provide live weather radar feeds and allow the team to calculate when and where the snow and ice are likely to appear. Our meteorologist then applies the findings to the localised settings of each of the 1,200 sites Ice Watch are currently providing gritting services to across mainland Britain.

This past season has seen a change in the way Ice Watch arranges its salt supply and delivery logistics, which has improved customer service capability by 30%. The first 3,000 tonnes of salt has already been ordered in preparation for the upcoming season, which is destined to be the company’s busiest season yet.

Ice Watch is also actively recruiting new operational partners to help handle the increased demand. With an impressive 96% of sites renewing every year, everything is looking positive for the team and clients alike.


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