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Laurelle Campbell Asst Meteorologist


Laurelle's story

Name: Laurelle Campbell
Job title: Assistant Meteorologist
Joined Ice Watch/idverde: September 2021

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and your background?
I am originally from London and moved to Suffolk when I started working at Ice Watch. Meteorology has always been my passion from an early age. My career path has been dynamic, ranging from multimedia & communications to operations & customer service. Outside of work I love catching up with family and friends, making sure I visit new places when I have the opportunity. I love food, dancing and listening to music, especially live music.

What is a typical day like for you in this role?
At Ice Watch our busiest period is between October to the end of April. During this time, a typical day entails: completing gritting jobs from the night before; daily weather decision making to generate gritting jobs for the night; checking salt stocks and ordering new deliveries when needed; confirming with operators that they are ready for that night’s jobs.

During the summer months the main priority is preparing for the next winter season. The days can vary and include collating and evaluating salt and weather data from the season just finished. I work with the Marketing team to develop new ideas and content for Ice Watch. I also help with sales renewals.

What are some of the projects or achievements that you’re most proud of, and why?
I am proud of completing a second successful winter season at Ice Watch, as I felt fully involved in all elements of my role. I was able to proactively achieve daily tasks, including transitioning to a new salt supplier, and independently managing the daily operation of salt stocks throughout the winter, even when salt supply was low.

What is a work-life balance to you?
Like most people, work-life balance is important for my wellbeing. I make a conscious effort to switch off in the evenings and do things I enjoy, especially during the busy winter period.

Ice Watch Tractor clearing snow

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out in your field or pursuing a similar passion?
For someone starting out, I would recommend doing research, keeping up to date with industry developments. Networking is also good, as well as getting a mentor. Whether it is a chat over a hot drink or regular catch ups, it is always good to speak to someone that can give you advice based on their own experiences and can offer you guidance. Most importantly, never stop asking questions.