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Sodexo | 2012 | United Kingdom

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Ice Watch were delighted to receive a commendation recently from one of our biggest customers – Sodexo, the Quality of Life Services provider. We have been awarded a certificate that recognises our contribution to workplace health and safety through our gritting services that is in line with Sodexo’s Zero Accident Mindset and maintains site safety for its employees.


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Ice Watch Recognition


“Thank you and your teams for your services your company have provided over the last few months. Since the service was implemented, I have had nothing but positive comments regarding the standard of delivery that you have maintained over this Winter season and supported additional areas. Please continue your great work.”
spokesperson for Sodexo
“Sodexo is the 18th largest employer worldwide and we manage multiple sites for winter gritting and snow clearance across the country for its UK operation. We have worked closely with Sodexo’s facilities teams to create a bespoke plan for each location which has proved to be highly successful. From our experience, establishing a highly effective working partnership with each client from the outset pays dividends and ensures that their premises are not disrupted during the winter months and remain safe for pedestrians and vehicles.”
Andrew Smith, Ice Watch’s Account Manager