UK may be set for a White Christmas

Posted on: November 27, 2017

Yes it’s that time of year again when the bookies publish their odds for a White Christmas but this year it looks like there might be a good chance that snow will fall in the UK on Christmas Day.

Colder than Antarctica
That’s because forecasters are predicting a winter that’s colder than Antarctica with temperatures falling to as low as -10C. Whereas temperatures of -6C are predicted for Antarctica, four degrees warmer than the climate expected in England.

La Nina brings snow
Low temperatures, frost and snow are expected to hit that nation resulting in significant snow depths in the hills of Scotland and the north that will continue into 2018.

And, the chances of a White Christmas have increased due to the La Nina effect - a process that sees reduced sea surface temperature, bringing in colder air that will kickstart a fierce winter.

With this weather phenomenon kicking in over the North Atlantic, it is expected to be colder in this country than avera

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Keeping it legal when you defrost your car

Posted on: November 6, 2017

Most parts of the country experienced their first frost of the winter at the start of this week as temperatures plummeted to zero overnight. That meant a chilly start for many commuters and those on the school run, with the prospect of de-icing their cars being the first job of the day.

Mad panic of an icy morning
It’s a pretty safe assumption that, for many, an iced up windscreen added to the list of things that needed to be sorted in the mad panic of the morning rush. But, it’s important that no short-cuts are taken as you could be left in trouble with the law.

Do not leave your car unattended
When looking to defrost their cars early in the morning, many car owners leave their engines running while they run inside to grab something they’ve forgotten. This is a car thief’s dream and it also means that you are breaking the law. Police warn it is an offence to leave a car unattended with the engine running on a public highway. Drivers have to be ‘in control’ of their vehicle at all times. <

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Remember remember it snows in November

Posted on: November 1, 2017

After such a mild October the last thing most of us have been thinking of as we approach Guy Fawkes’ Night is snow. But as the clocks have moved forward, so the prospect of snowfall has come a step closer.

Snow on the way
The latest weather forecast shows a colder pocket of air closing in on the UK with the chances of snow peaking in the early days of November. It is expected that there may well be a snow coating in Scotland and parts of northern England towards the middle of next week as a cold blast of air heads towards Britain. 

A snowy night to remember on 5 November
Wintry flurries could also fall as far south as Wales, the Midlands, Northern Ireland and the West Country. And the cold weather is expected to continue throughout November.

Snow charts show Scotland could be in the firing line for a lashing of the white stuff on 5 November. That’ll be a day to remember.

Do not let snow cause havoc on your premises
With many forecaster

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