When thawing between USA and Russia is a bad thing

Posted on: May 9, 2018

We normally welcome news of a thawing in the icy relationship between the USA and Russia but when it is a major thawing of the ice in the Bering Sea which divides the eastern most tip of Russia with the US state of Alaska it is a seriously worrying matter.

It has been reported that almost all the ice covering the Bering Sea has melted, throwing communities living around its shores into disarray. The region’s ice cover normally persists for at least another month but this year it has vanished earlier than any other year except 2017.

Located in the northern Pacific Ocean between Alaska and Russia, the Bering Sea is experiencing the brunt of climate change and has already drawn attention this year for unprecedented levels of winter melting.

The disappearance of ice off the coast of Alaska
In February, soaring Arctic temperatures led to around half the region’s ice disappearing in the space of two weeks. This trend has continued into spring and scientists confirmed that by the end of April just 10

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