The true cost of potholes caused by snow and ice

Posted on: March 26, 2018

The damage that snow and ice can do to our roads and footpaths is now getting more attention than ever. In what has become an annual event in the media, the post-winter pothole count has reached fever-pitch as the state of Britain’s roads deteriorates.

Recent snow and ice have created millions of new potholes
The recent visits to these shores of the Beast from the East I & II, with their sub-zero temperatures, biting winds, heavy snowfalls and ice, has eroded many of the country’s roads, pavements and car parks to leave them littered with huge potholes.
The Asphalt Industry Alliance has warned that 20% of roads in England and Wales have less than five years’ life before they become unstable. That is the equivalent of 40,000 miles of road.

Pothole funding black hole
It is estimated that there was a £556m funding gap in 2017/18 for local authorities to keep carriageways in reasonable order. Although the Government has pledged £100m more funding to help repair the roads which, it is esti

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No business like snow business

Posted on: March 7, 2018

With The Shape of Water winning best film at the Oscars on Sunday, it has been water in the shape of snow that has been the big blockbuster in the UK this last week. But as temperatures pick up and the Beast from the East retreats to its lair, it is time to review the damage the snow and ice have caused.

Snow damage to cars
It is estimated that drivers in the UK have filed insurance claims worth more than 17m pounds since the snow hit. Crash damage claims were double what they are in a normal week. The winter weather led to 13,100 collisions, according to the AA, which is twice what insurers would usually expect for the last week of February.

The most common claim was for drivers skidding out and hitting objects like barriers, kerbs, road signs and bus shelters. One motorist even ended up sliding into a row of shops. While the majority of incidents attributed to the snow caused relatively minor damage, as many as 21 per cent of claims saw the car involved unable to drive away from the scene.

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