All Black and white weather in New Zealand

Posted on: June 20, 2017

Whilst in parts of the UK we have been sweltering in heat of over 30 degrees Celsius, the British and Irish Lions are approaching the First Test against the All Blacks at Eden Park, Auckland with a different set of weather conditions…incessant rain!

Rain in the north snow in the south
Auckland is on the North Island and has a typically British climate. Rain is forecast for Saturday’s match which might suit the Lions’ playing style a little more than that of the All Blacks but both teams will be used to the wet turf.

But in sporting parlance, rather than ‘a game of two halves’, New Zealand could experience ‘weather of two halves’ this week. Whilst Northern parts of the country could be hammered by heavy rain, the south could get snow, in what one forecaster has described as ‘a battle of weather systems’.

Snow is forecast because a low pressure system, bringing periods of rain and strong north-easterly winds, is expected to move south where it will collide with a ridge of hig

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The smell of rain - petrichor

Posted on: June 6, 2017

With warmer weather having arrived in the UK at last, there is still always the chance of rain. And in the summer months there is more of an opportunity to experience the phenomena known as ‘Petrichor’. At its simplest, it’s the smell of rain either as it falls or in anticipation of it falling.

The word comes from the Greek words 'petra' meaning stone and 'ichor' which in Greek mythology refers to the golden fluid that was said to flow through the veins of the gods and the immortals.

What is Petrichor?
The phrase was coined by two researchers at the Australian CSIRO science agency in 1964 article. Their research found that rocks that had been exposed to warm, dry conditions were steam-distilled to reveal a yellow coloured oil that had become trapped in the rocks and soil, a substance they discovered was responsible for the smell. The source of this oil is a combination of oils secreted by plants during dry weather and chemicals released by soil-dwelling bacteria.

How does rain creat

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