Gritting private roads

Posted on: July 28, 2014

We all know what a danger ice can be. If you live in an exposed area or on a steep incline, chances are you have to watch your step the minute you step out of your home during the winter months. Fortunately for businesses the Highways Agency will grit major roads, though organising private road gritting is the responsibility of the land owner. If you are responsible for gritting your own roads and walkways it pays to be proactive in your approach.

We would recommend having a gritting and snow clearance plan in place before the winter sets in, because if you are not proactive with the gritting of your roads and footpaths there is very little you can do once ice has formed. If you attempt to spread salt onto an area that is already below -9 degrees Celcius it will have little effect, as the solid salt will be unable to penetrate the ice to begin the dissolving process.

At Ice Watch we worry about gritting so you don't have to. Our highly skilled team monitor weather forecasts in your area around the clock, and will act quickly at the first sign of potential icy conditions. The geographica

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The sun shines

Posted on: July 17, 2014

You can always tell when a heatwave is on the way in this country because the newspapers insist on comparing the forthcoming temperatures to traditionally more tropical destinations around the world. With the mercury slowly rising throughout this week, the media have wasted no time in letting the rest of the world know what they are missing out on. The Daily Mail and Daily Express claim that Britain will be warmer than Barbados, we will be hotter than Gran Canaria if you believe Yahoo, while Sky have said temperatures will top those in Ibiza.

Now whilst we are never going to turn our noses up at a little bit of sunny weather, it is temperatures at the other end of the scale that are never far from our minds. Winter may be several months away but we are already assisting our clients with preparations for whatever weather Mother Nature may throw at us this winter.

It goes without saying that once the glorious summer sunshine disappears for another year and snow, ice and freezing temperatures set in, the risk of slipping or falling greatly increases. By allowing your staff and customers to us

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What El Nino will bring

Posted on: July 8, 2014

There have been considerable discussions over recent weeks and months regarding the possibility of an El Nino phenomenon occurring later this year. El Nino events occur every two to seven years and have the potential to induce what the Met Office describes as "major climactic impacts".

Whilst it is not possible to accurately predict when an El Nino will occur, the Met Office has described the chances of the phenomenon occurring this year as "probable", while the United Nations have suggested there is an 80% chance of it occurring before October and a 60% chance before August.

Should it happen, countries such as India, Indonesia and Australia are likely to experience much drier than usual weather; increasing the likelihood of wildfires and low crop production. At the same time those living in South America and along the Eastern Pacific will receive heavier than usual rainfall which raises the possibility of flooding and landslides.

In the UK, El Nino increases the prospect of a cold winter and snow. It was believed to have contributed to the significant snowfall we experienced when the phe

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Keep an eye out for bad weather

Posted on: July 4, 2014

Predicting what the British weather is going to do from one day to the next can often feel like an impossible task, with everyday decisions like ‘do I need an umbrella?’ or ‘can I get away with not taking a jacket?’ seeming like life changing choices. Like you, we permanently have one eye on the weather forecasts to ensure we are always prepared for any surprises Mother Nature may have in store.

As a business that provides its services across the country it is vital that we can identify subtle differences in the weather forecast from one postcode to the next. While a client in one area may be at risk of suffering from ice, just a few miles down the road another client may be absolutely fine. Knowing this information helps us to provide an efficient and effective service.

To achieve this it is important that we are always working with the most accurate information, and that is why we work closely with the Met Office and Weatherquest. The Met Office has been at the forefront of global weather and climate science for 150 years; while Weatherquest are relied upon by a wid

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